Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lucy is her name, destruction is her game

90% of the mess in this living room is thanks to some little girl who's favoritest past-time in the whole wide world is pulling things off shelves/out of containers/out of purses and diaper bags/ out of cupboards.

This is probably the cleanest that spot on the floor will ever be.

How does one child leave such a wake of destruction behind her? One child, with the destructive force of 10. This week she's learned how to climb up one step, she can reach with her whole body to get the stuff that we shove under the couch that last week was beyond her reach, and she apparently likes big dogs but not small dogs. Small, Lucy sized dogs are terrifying monsters but big dogs who could eat her in one bite are just more friends waiting to be made.


  1. But she's so cute!!! As I type, Firecracker is getting into the kitchen cupboards. Soon I'll be picking up 3 dozen kids' forks and spoons, plates, and bowls.

  2. (ps, that was me--from Cathso. Somehow my new profile picture won't show up and this one is 6 years old!)


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