Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It only gets better from here, right?

Just woke up to a fresh, HUGE pee spot on our bed and a soaked Lucy. Her diaper had come off sometime during the night, poor thing. She was as upset about it as I was. Now she's sleeping in the guest bed and I'm downstairs, charging my laptop and finally processing the day. Of course, the waterproof mattress cover I ordered is sitting right beside the bed in its box. Great start to April 2nd.

It's only Wednesday and this week has already been craptastic. Monday at work was so full of ups and downs. We were c-r-a-z-y busy and I got three applications in (yay!) only to have 1 cancel, 1 be denied, and 1 for a June move-in (sigh). Then that night was the disastrous How I Met Your Mother finale. I actually stopped speaking to Ryan because he wasn't as upset about it as I was (am). It just felt like a huge betrayal. Even if I didn't think Ted was being stupid and we ALL know where that carousel is heading, the viewers were not given a chance to grieve and move on. We spent 9 years waiting for this moment, only to be brushed aside like that? Not ok.

And then yesterday. Oh, April 1st. If only it had actually been a joke. I woke up, told myself it was a brand new day with brand new leases waiting to happen. Got in to work, began my morning routine and was called into my boss' office. Due to a schedule change that I had requested a month ago, I was being fired. Oh, the company was more gracious than that of course. They were letting me resign. As of April 2nd. I gave them a full month to let them know the current schedule wasn't working for me, they gave me less than 24 hours. Apparently since I couldn't work all the hours they needed, they didn't want me to work any hours at all and instead of communicating that to me in a timely manner so we could resolve the scheduling conflicts, they just wrote up a neat little letter "Thanks but get out". I was given the opportunity to discuss it with Ryan over lunch and see if we could somehow salvage the situation but by that time I was so upset at the way it was handled that when I returned I handed in my office key and didn't clock back in. I didn't cry until I said good bye to my coworkers. It had been almost two years and I really will miss them.

I've never been fired before. It's such an unreal feeling.

And now it's one hour into April 2nd and pee and laundry and yeah. Can I just sit April out?

But I can't end on a negative. Silver lining....silver lining..... Well, I guess I am actually technically a full time stay at home mom now! So in a way, thanks for helping me meet my goal, former employer?


  1. Oh, Kayla. That stinks. :( I'm sorry your job ended in such a craptastic way.

    But, welcome to full-time SAHM land! Can't say it's always glamorous, but it is rewarding. ;) -Gina

  2. Sorry about your bad week, that really sucks. Prayers coming your way


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