Friday, March 28, 2014

Toys should not poop. And other stuff.

I asked Ryan to watch Lucy for about an hour or so so that I could have some time to myself. I told him I was going to blog, but then I got online and realized that I should probably log some time actually working. That took up about 45 minutes of my "me" time, so I'm thinking that "or so" part might stretch a bit further than he thought. Sorry Ryan! Also, sorry Lucy. I know it's close to your bedtime, Mommy will be back soon (ish).

Pooping toys. That's a thing. I got a text from my mom today while I was rocking Lucy for the eleventyth nap hour and I have to admit that I doubted. I doubted hard and then I Googled and then I prayed for humanity. This has happened:  

I just....I....really? "I poop glitter." What?

*Related: How can I make this video bigger? Thanks to Cat from Cartwheels and Windmills for helping me with that!

Dear Blogger, thank you so so so so much for auto-saving every ten seconds. I clicked to find the above link and then Suddenly! My post was gone. Poof. I hyperventilated for .5 seconds before thinking to check the drafts folder and there it was. Safe and secure. This momma on a time crunch is ever so grateful.

Lucy has had an awful cold and diaper rash this week. I'll be kind and spare you pictures but the poor thing has just been pathetic. Monday morning around 2 she woke up barely able to breathe unless she was being held upright. That was a long day for both of us. Today both her naps were taken in the glider and while she wouldn't let me put her down, her breathing was finally clear and I am very thankful for that. But yesterday she did let me put her down in her crib for the !First! !Time! !Ever!  Photo proof:

 It's poor quality and I heart it. It hasn't happened since then so I hope I'm not jinxing myself but I really really really would like it if she took at least one nap a day in there. It lasted for a whole half an hour which is really how long her naps in the swing last anyway so I'm not complaining.  I wouldn't mind her napping in the swing at all except that's not something that can continue forever, you know? She'll grow out of the swing one day and I'd prefer if her naps didn't go with it.

How's your Lent going? Mine started off great and then kind of rolllllled downhill. I ate cake on St. Paddy's day (Hey, everybody is Irish on St. Paddy's day!) and it kind of all fell from there. I'm struggling hard to get back to the no sweets sacrifice but for whatever reason, it is so much harder to jump back on that wagon after falling off.  I've slacked in everything else as well and it's really getting to me. In other years I'd just shrug and say "Meh, guess I'll have to try harder next year" and be sheepish about it, but this year it's actually bothering me that I haven't actually sacrificed a thing. Ryan calls it Catholic Guilt, I call it progress.

We are five minutes past bedtime and I can hear the storm brewing. Poor Lucy. She's a creature of habit, that daughter of mine. The days she insists on staying up past 8 (yesterday) through me for such a loop. At least she balances that out with sleeping in later. Thank you Lucy.

That's all I got. It felt nice to blog!

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  1. Hooray for crib sleeping! I also had a swing napper until she could finally roll over--who knew we had a belly sleeper? I also think I have that same crib sheet.

    As for making the video bigger, you need to go into the HTML part of writing your blog post. You can set the width and height numbers in the source code. Or, when you pull the embed code off of Youtube, it has a drop-down so you can pick a different size and it will give you the proper HTML code.


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