Thursday, January 2, 2014

Baby Carriers and Budget Woes

Why is it that before a budget is set, I have no real desire to buy anything and yet now that we do have a budget I want ALL THE THINGS.

This is especially bad because I’m very good at justifying purchases. It’s even worse when Ryan agrees with me but we both know that we don’t really need whatever it is that we want. Sure, it would make life easier, but is it necessary?

My next blog will be dedicated to crappy cell phone pictures.
Yesterday at Target I almost bought an Infantino Mei Tai. I love our Moby wrap, but Lucy is getting pretty heavy in it and it’s starting to hurt my shoulders and neck. I’ve been wanting to carry her on my back for a while now but the Moby isn’t designed for back carries. The MT was only $35, but I had never used one before. I had seen other moms using them and heard great things plus I knew I could wear Lucy on my back with one. But was $35 a good price?  Would I wish I had gotten a woven wrap? On to Facebook!

The trusty mommies in my #Cathsorority Facebook group came through and helped hold me back. While $35 is a good price, I could also wait for a coupon and get it cheaper at another store. Also, it only costs $30 for an annual membership to Baby Wearers International of the Triangle, which means that for $30 I could try up to 12 different carriers without having to spend a lot of money. Lucky for Lucy and I, we will hopefully be able to make one of the meetings this month, as long as Ryan’s schedule works out the way I hope it does.

I know I want to try a Mei Tai and a woven wrap for back carries. Two wovens actually, both a “shorty” and a regular sized one. Maybe an Ergo? Can those do back carries? I feel like most dads would like the Ergo – it looks more man friendly.

It was still tempting to go back to Target today to get a Mei Tai, even more so when Lucy took two naps by being worn. Ah, the perils of a the stay at home mom life, right? 

*psssst: Have you seen my recent post 23 Things to Do After Getting Married Too Young?


  1. Yes, you can do back carries in an Ergo! I have the Boba version, but it's basically the same. Had her on my back still at 18 months this past summer. That babywearing group sounds like fun!

  2. I ended up buying a Mei Tai from the local swap group for $15 - It's great for putting Lu on my back, not so great so far for getting her to go to sleep. Boo. But hey, $15 isn't so bad for an experiment.


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