Wednesday, January 1, 2014

23 Things to do After Getting Married too Young

So this  gem was posted in one of my Facebook groups and I just couldn't help but say "dumb". Ryan and I got married when I was 21 and I turned 22 5 days later. We've been together since I was 18 - we're about to celebrate 6 years together in January. Apparently, according to the Internet Police, we got married too young. I don't know where this idea that life ends after marriage comes from, but can we officially declare it dead? Let's start 2014 fresh and optimistic shall we?

Without further ado: 23 Things to do After Getting Married Too Young.

  1. Take a day trip
  2. Adopt a pet
  3. Move to a new city
  4. Move to a new state
  5. Get lost somewhere
  6. Recommit to your faith together
  7. Have a (honeymoon) baby
  8. Dance in your living room
  9. Insist on playing game after game of strip Rummikub until you win (winning being defined however you want it to be)
  10. Make every game a "strip" game
  11. Make a huge dinner and invite more people than you have seating for
  12. Buy a house
  13. Go on vacation with a group of friends.
  14. Spend only $20 at the bar and still get lucky
  15. Enjoy knowing the person you are waking up beside
  16. Go to a theme park and ride the roller coasters together
  17. Burn dinner and laugh over take-out pizza
  18. Learn conflict resolution skills
  19. Never go to brunch alone again
  20. Receive tax deductions - it's like the federal government is saying "congratulations on your marriage!"
  21. Walk out of a movie theater before the movie is finished
  22. Giggle at those silly kids - then realize they're your age
  23. Laugh at stupid lists that tell you not to get married too young


  1. I turned 22 about two months after getting married and have been married for almost 12 years.

    1. Congratulations on (almost!) 12 years of marriage!

  2. I LOVE number 14!! Bahahaha! Also, just want to ring in and say we got married at 22 and (a few days after) 23 and are deliriously happy. I don't like Nutella or kissing strangers; I am so much happier living with my best friend and our babies. These last 4.5 years of married life have been blast, but they've also added so much meaning and love to my life. :)

    1. Haha, that was Ryan's idea ;) And I agree, it's the meaning and the love that make young marriage enjoyable and possible!

  3. I felt compelled to write a reaction too... I completely agree that this idea that life ends after marriage needs to disappear. I have never felt so alive (and happy)!

  4. Love this list! Sometimes I feel like if people got married younger they would be a lot happier. We have all these things we want to 'check off our lists,' and we begin to believe that it can't be done married because that's what society tells us. Personally, I feel like getting married (even with kids!) gives me more focus to accomplish my goals. I don't feel the need to socialize at every free moment. I'm secure and happy with my family:)

  5. I've been married for 4 years now and I got married on my 18th birthday, He was a marine and I was in love and we have been happy ever since. Hes now a police officer and I have my bachelors degree and hes almost got his. We love our lives and wouldnt have changed it at all. LOVE your list by the way


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