Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dear Lucy, Go to Sleep

Alternate titles:

  • My Moby, the Gateway Wrap
  • My Life, the Napless Saga continues
  • If the Crumbs Are On the Kitchen Floor, Do They Count as Dinner?
We're renovating the downstairs half bath now, which involves a lot of hmmming and hawwwwing and wondering if we made the right color choice. Really though, anything has to be an improvement over the dreamsicle orange it was as of yesterday. 
Only much, much more saturated. Palm tree toilet seat is already gone.
Now it's in the process of becoming kind of taupe-y. It's called "hush" by Benjamin Moore and it was one of those colors that we loved in the store and now that it's on our walls we can't decide if we like it or hate it. Further plans include replacing the vanity and the mirror above it and trying to add some sort of decoration. The current counter happens to be an annoying 27", which is too short for the standard 30" counters and too long for the other standard 24" counters. Ryan's dad suggested knocking out the wall to the left, which is where our stairs are and extending the counter 3". I think that's a fantastic idea but Ryan isn't ready to break out the sledgehammer quite yet. No fun league.

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  1. Oh, house renovations! I go back and forth between all of our decisions, too. Glad you got rid of that palm tree toilet topper, though!

    I left you an award-thingamabobber on my blog: http://windmillers.blogspot.com/2013/12/liebster-award.html


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