Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lucy is her name, destruction is her game

90% of the mess in this living room is thanks to some little girl who's favoritest past-time in the whole wide world is pulling things off shelves/out of containers/out of purses and diaper bags/ out of cupboards.

This is probably the cleanest that spot on the floor will ever be.

How does one child leave such a wake of destruction behind her? One child, with the destructive force of 10. This week she's learned how to climb up one step, she can reach with her whole body to get the stuff that we shove under the couch that last week was beyond her reach, and she apparently likes big dogs but not small dogs. Small, Lucy sized dogs are terrifying monsters but big dogs who could eat her in one bite are just more friends waiting to be made.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It only gets better from here, right?

Just woke up to a fresh, HUGE pee spot on our bed and a soaked Lucy. Her diaper had come off sometime during the night, poor thing. She was as upset about it as I was. Now she's sleeping in the guest bed and I'm downstairs, charging my laptop and finally processing the day. Of course, the waterproof mattress cover I ordered is sitting right beside the bed in its box. Great start to April 2nd.

It's only Wednesday and this week has already been craptastic. Monday at work was so full of ups and downs. We were c-r-a-z-y busy and I got three applications in (yay!) only to have 1 cancel, 1 be denied, and 1 for a June move-in (sigh). Then that night was the disastrous How I Met Your Mother finale. I actually stopped speaking to Ryan because he wasn't as upset about it as I was (am). It just felt like a huge betrayal. Even if I didn't think Ted was being stupid and we ALL know where that carousel is heading, the viewers were not given a chance to grieve and move on. We spent 9 years waiting for this moment, only to be brushed aside like that? Not ok.

And then yesterday. Oh, April 1st. If only it had actually been a joke. I woke up, told myself it was a brand new day with brand new leases waiting to happen. Got in to work, began my morning routine and was called into my boss' office. Due to a schedule change that I had requested a month ago, I was being fired. Oh, the company was more gracious than that of course. They were letting me resign. As of April 2nd. I gave them a full month to let them know the current schedule wasn't working for me, they gave me less than 24 hours. Apparently since I couldn't work all the hours they needed, they didn't want me to work any hours at all and instead of communicating that to me in a timely manner so we could resolve the scheduling conflicts, they just wrote up a neat little letter "Thanks but get out". I was given the opportunity to discuss it with Ryan over lunch and see if we could somehow salvage the situation but by that time I was so upset at the way it was handled that when I returned I handed in my office key and didn't clock back in. I didn't cry until I said good bye to my coworkers. It had been almost two years and I really will miss them.

I've never been fired before. It's such an unreal feeling.

And now it's one hour into April 2nd and pee and laundry and yeah. Can I just sit April out?

But I can't end on a negative. Silver lining....silver lining..... Well, I guess I am actually technically a full time stay at home mom now! So in a way, thanks for helping me meet my goal, former employer?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Toys should not poop. And other stuff.

I asked Ryan to watch Lucy for about an hour or so so that I could have some time to myself. I told him I was going to blog, but then I got online and realized that I should probably log some time actually working. That took up about 45 minutes of my "me" time, so I'm thinking that "or so" part might stretch a bit further than he thought. Sorry Ryan! Also, sorry Lucy. I know it's close to your bedtime, Mommy will be back soon (ish).

Pooping toys. That's a thing. I got a text from my mom today while I was rocking Lucy for the eleventyth nap hour and I have to admit that I doubted. I doubted hard and then I Googled and then I prayed for humanity. This has happened:  

I just....I....really? "I poop glitter." What?

*Related: How can I make this video bigger? Thanks to Cat from Cartwheels and Windmills for helping me with that!

Dear Blogger, thank you so so so so much for auto-saving every ten seconds. I clicked to find the above link and then Suddenly! My post was gone. Poof. I hyperventilated for .5 seconds before thinking to check the drafts folder and there it was. Safe and secure. This momma on a time crunch is ever so grateful.

Lucy has had an awful cold and diaper rash this week. I'll be kind and spare you pictures but the poor thing has just been pathetic. Monday morning around 2 she woke up barely able to breathe unless she was being held upright. That was a long day for both of us. Today both her naps were taken in the glider and while she wouldn't let me put her down, her breathing was finally clear and I am very thankful for that. But yesterday she did let me put her down in her crib for the !First! !Time! !Ever!  Photo proof:

 It's poor quality and I heart it. It hasn't happened since then so I hope I'm not jinxing myself but I really really really would like it if she took at least one nap a day in there. It lasted for a whole half an hour which is really how long her naps in the swing last anyway so I'm not complaining.  I wouldn't mind her napping in the swing at all except that's not something that can continue forever, you know? She'll grow out of the swing one day and I'd prefer if her naps didn't go with it.

How's your Lent going? Mine started off great and then kind of rolllllled downhill. I ate cake on St. Paddy's day (Hey, everybody is Irish on St. Paddy's day!) and it kind of all fell from there. I'm struggling hard to get back to the no sweets sacrifice but for whatever reason, it is so much harder to jump back on that wagon after falling off.  I've slacked in everything else as well and it's really getting to me. In other years I'd just shrug and say "Meh, guess I'll have to try harder next year" and be sheepish about it, but this year it's actually bothering me that I haven't actually sacrificed a thing. Ryan calls it Catholic Guilt, I call it progress.

We are five minutes past bedtime and I can hear the storm brewing. Poor Lucy. She's a creature of habit, that daughter of mine. The days she insists on staying up past 8 (yesterday) through me for such a loop. At least she balances that out with sleeping in later. Thank you Lucy.

That's all I got. It felt nice to blog!

Friday, March 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes - What are you doing this weekend?

This weekend we were supposed to go to Western NY, to celebrate Ryan's grandfather's 90th birthday. 90! I just can't believe that. Unfortunately, the weather in NY wreaked havoc with our travel plans and since when we fly, we do so non-rev (meaning, we only fly when there are unsold seats), as of yesterday there were officially no seats to get us in. We even looked at three different airports within a three hour driving distance and it just wasn't possible without a lot of headaches. It's such a bummer to miss Grandpa's birthday party. The whole family will be there celebrating him and I'm sure it will be a fantastic time. 

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Let's just take a minute to appreciate that gorgeous white hair. 
Since we can't be with family this weekend, and since everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, we were thinking about going someplace that has awesome festivities. Our first thought was Chicago, since they dye their river green. But Chicago is kind of cold, and I'm kind of a whimp about stuff like that, and so I'm asking you: Where would you go to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and why? Bonus points if Southwest actually flies there.

Yesterday I posted a little about the book that I am reading for Lent, "A Mother's Rule of Life". Have you read it? I'm loving it more and more. I've started chapter three now which is all about prayer and the Sacraments. I really appreciate how she places the Sacramental life first, starting with Reconciliation. It's making me want to call up a priest and schedule a confession right here, right now. These are the days that I wish we had a family priest. Any takers? We have an extra room and I'll totally do all your laundry!

But seriously, have you ever thought how awesome it would be to have a family priest? My godparents have a chapel in their house and I love it. My parent's house technically has a chapel too, but about 5 million kids ago they ran out of bedrooms and had to convert the chapel to the Master bedroom. Even before we were Catholic, I would read about the kings and queens and the royal priests and just thought that was the coolest ever. I know I won't be able to keep them, but I also think it'd be awesome if even one of my sons, preferably two (did I ever tell you? I'd like 5 boys {minimum}) to be priests. I don't know why. That's just what I've been stuck on for years now. 5 boys, 2 priests. I've never had a preference regarding number of girls.

Actually, I was convinced that Lucy was a boy right up until her ultrasound. I thought for sure that since for whatever reason, since I've always wanted five boys that it would make sense that our oldest was the first boy. Obviously, God didn't agree.

Lucy is currently playing with her new favorite toy - an empty 2L bottle of Coke. Never mind that she is sitting right next to her totally awesome rocking lady bug. Earlier today she scooted right past her toys to play with and suck on her wipes. I don't know why we even bother getting her toys. Actually, she already has so many that we're fairly sure that we won't do toys for her first birthday party. Not unless other toys go to make room. But then that had me thinking - for those of you with minimal toys, how do you store the ones that your children have outgrown, but you're sure that you'll need in the future? Hopefully Lucy will not be our only child, so I'd like to keep the baby toys but I don't want them cluttering up the toy chest.
I just couldn't pass it up!
This happens to me .every. .darn. .time! Read: Inside a Woman's Mind at Target

Lucy is SO CLOSE to crawling! She scoots everywhere on her butt, and everyday she gets closer and closer to actually getting on her hands and knees. You guys, I don't keep a clean enough house to have a mobile kid. And baby-proofing? Oy. I'd like to think they we'll get lucky and she'll just not get into things, but even if that were the case, I'd like to be able to have play dates here. The house will never be 100% kid proofed and I don't want it to be, but I definitely want it to be kid-friendly. This is a family home, after all.

It's beautiful out, so I'm going to go make some dinner and then try to convince my husband to go on a walk with us. After such a long winter, I want to soak up as much sun as possible.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finding our rhythm - Establishing my "Rule"

Growing up, we had music pulsating through our lives constantly. My parents were always in at least one band, we sang along to the radio in the car or while doing chores, and my mom sang us to sleep every night. The rhythm of the music set the tone for our household - sometimes it was fast and furious, sometimes it was slow and peaceful, but the music, and our lives, always had a rhythm.

For Lent this year, I am reading A Mother's Rule Of Life and the first two chapters have been so inspiring. Pierlot has a great way of speaking to you where you are - whether you are ready to call it quits or you just have that inkling feeling that there is something missing. For us, we have been missing our rhythm! My priorities have been out of whack and I've been essentially pinging around from task to task, never accomplishing anything at all and always feeling frazzled. Pierlot talks about the "Five P's: Prayer, Person, Partner, Parent, Provide" that make up the essentials of our lives as married women. Surprise surprise, my P's were out of place, throwing us all out of whack! Just after reading the first two chapters, I changed a few things and we can already feel the difference.

I finally think we're close to establishing a good rhythm to our days and weeks, with the help of this book. We're working toward a good balance between being out and about with friends and errands, and simply being at home, either enjoying each others company or doing our own thing - that's a hard balance to find for an introvert and extrovert!

In addition, I met with my boss to ask for fewer hours at work. She wasn't pleased about it but the current schedule just wasn't working for my family. The peace that washed over me after that meeting was surely palpable to everyone else too! Ryan has just been traveling so much and we don't really see him slowing down any time soon. Trying to juggle one car, one baby, and two work schedules was giving me such anxiety that the added money just wasn't worth it. I've recently taken up some at home work and I'm only 2 chapters from completing my NFP teaching certification, so we're hopeful that the income will be replaced soon. (5th P! Finally getting in its place!)

How has your Lent been going?

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

You can come home

An open letter to women who have left the Catholic Church:
We want to invite you to come talk with us, and we are excited to meet you! Just like you, we are daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers; students, professionals, and stay-at-home moms. We are teenagers, 20-somethings, 30-somethings, and beyond. We are from many walks of life and from diverse backgrounds, but we share a common faith - one we want to invite you to revisit.
Some of us have been away from the Church, and by one way or another we've come back. Some of us never left - but that doesn't mean we’ve never questioned nor been confused. Some of us were raised outside of the Church, and made the decision to join as adults. In one way or another, each one of us has come to know and love Christ in the Catholic Church - and in keeping with Pope Francis’ request we want to share that love and joy with you.

Being Catholic isn’t easy, and we’ll be the first to tell you that we aren’t perfect; we have many planks in our own eyes to worry about. Our faith embraces paradoxes, challenges our culture's values, and makes us feel uncomfortable when we are called to examine our actions and our motivations. But - as you already know - just because something is challenging does not mean it is not worthwhile.

We know that you are intelligent and capable. We believe that you deserve answers to your questions, and explanations for the teachings with which you're struggling. We’ve all struggled with various aspects of our faith, but we aren’t here to judge or condemn you. We simply want to listen to what you’re feeling. We want to understand what is making you uncertain about being part of our Catholic faith. We want to help you find the answers and explanations that helped bring us home. We want to meet you, we want to hear about your experience, and most importantly, we want to invite you back.

Feel free to email any of us with questions or concerns you may have about the Church, her teachings, or what reversion means. If you’re not ready to bare your soul to complete strangers, we’d love to direct you to sites that helped us (and still help us) as we discerned our calling in life.
Wherever you are, whatever you believe, know that we are praying for you. You are our sister - another woman navigating a challenging world. We look forward to talking with you!
In The Peace and Love of Christ,

The members of #cathsorority

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's Fat Tuesday!

on Kayla                                                                           on Lucy
Dress: Goodwill                                                                 Shirt and Pants: JcP from Grandma P
Cardigan: Walmart, I think                                                 Long sleeved Onesie: Probably Kohls
Shoes: Ann Taylor via thrift                                                Socks: Gifted
Nailpolish: Thimbleberry                                                    Hairbow: Faded Glory, also from Grandma P

I know I was supposed to post this on Sunday, but, eh, life, you know?

I've said it many times before, but Lent is my all time favorite season in the Church calendar. I love the focus, I love the songs, I love the anticipation of The Resurrection. I am not a cradle Catholic, I was baptized into the Church when I was sixteen, so Lent and Easter hold an extra special place in my heart.

This year for Lent will be my second year of not being able to participate in fasting since Lucy and I are still exclusively breastfeeding. I am going to make a true effort to eat meatless on Fridays and Wednesdays though. I heard of a family who would do oatmeal for dinner on Wednesday's as a small penance that the whole family (breastfeeding mom, small children, and Dad) could participate in, so I think we'll give that a try too. I'm also giving up sugar - I've been eating dessert after .all. .the. .meals.  and I can already feel the withdrawal pains just thinking about it. I'm talking sugar in my coffee and tea, yogurt with anything but fruit in it, cookies, cakes, jams, soda, sweet tea, etc. Only for Jesus could I, would I even think about giving that all up.

Beyond food, I've joined several friends in reading "A Mother's Rule of Life" for Lent. It came today and it's taking all my willpower to not just read it all right now. I went old-school and got the paperback, but that link is for the kindle version. I'll also be reading a selection from the Bible and the Catechism every morning and making more of an effort to be involved in the parish, even if it's just attending Stations of the Cross once in the next 40 days.

Tomorrow will be Lucy's first Ash Wednesday service!  I can't even remember the last time I was able to get to a service and I'm so excited.

Today though, today is Fat Tuesday and so I'm drinking Coke (and praying that the caffeine doesn't turn me into the worst human in the world), planning on pancakes for dinner and cake & sprinkles ice cream for dessert. Target has .the. .best. cake and sprinkles ice cream. Actual pieces of cake. Actual sprinkles. So much sugary goodness.

Still not sure how you're going to observe Lent this year? It's never too late. Kendra from Catholic All Year has a great post on How to Win at Lent and if you need some more suggestions, she's got 66 ideas just for you!

Linking up with the fine ladies from FLAP today.
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